From the vibrant streets of Hong Kong to the serene landscapes of Iceland, Bree and Waiting embarked on a journey to celebrate their love in a truly extraordinary way. The culmination of their adventure took place with a beautiful ceremony by Þórufoss, a breathtaking waterfall that echoed the power and grace of their love.

Having traveled across continents, the couple found themselves surrounded by the awe-inspiring Icelandic scenery as they exchanged vows. Þórufoss, with its cascading waters, became the natural witness to Bree and Waiting's commitment, a symphony of nature resonating with the melody of their love.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds, along with their photographer, ventured into the Icelandic landscape, exploring beautiful spots that added to the tapestry of their love story. From majestic vistas to hidden gems, each location became a canvas for capturing the essence of their journey.

This elopement was planned by the wonderful Sara from Pink Iceland.