Dedicated Co-working

3 months agreement: 35.000 ISK /per month
Key to the studio / Access hours 24/7
Community table
Tea, coffee - Soda water
Wi-Fi connection

*possibility of booking the studio for sessions

35.000 kr.

What is Co-Working Space?

The motto of a coworking space is the community, so members can actively help each other. For a freelance photographer, this is important because you can get valuable feedback on your work and learn more skills. For those thinking, “why can’t I just work from my couch on editing days”, the answer is the environment. Coworking spaces give you an energetic work atmosphere and make even those tedious hours of editing one photo after the other, refreshing.

And if you choose a shared workplace that is expressly designed for freelancers and creative professionals, the environment is also inspirational, creating a positive impact on your work.


“To create an intimate local creative community were they can come to focus and stay productive on their tasks. Meanwhile meeting and sharing ideas with other's.”

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The Most Significant Advantages of Co-working

Greater Flexibility

Most co-working facilities do not need a long-term commitment. Instead, freelancers and startups can benefit from shorter rents and flexible remuneration terms, which can help small businesses get started.



Co-working was developed to help workers escape the boredom and loneliness of working from home, and while they've expanded to fulfill a far broader range of tasks, they're still very much social spaces at heart. A co-working space brings you together with



It's only a matter of time before you start networking and new opportunities start to flow organically when you have so many people with so much in common.


Enhanced productivity

Sharing a co-working space with a group of motivated coworkers is an easy approach to boosting your own productivity. It may be more difficult to slack off when others are there, but physically going to a working area helps to regiment your routine.


Getting out of the house

Working from home is convenient, but it is also easy to become stale. Being around other people lifts your spirits, keeps you sharp, and fosters creativity.


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