In separate rooms of the downtown Apótek hotel, Katrin and Peter readied themselves for the day ahead. Nerves tingled with excitement as they slipped into their wedding attire, anticipation building with each passing moment. With preparations complete, they met on the hotel staircase for their first look. Emotions ran high as they locked eyes, the love they shared evident in the exchanged glances and whispered words. They made their way to the domestic airport, their best friends in tow, unaware of the adventure awaiting them. Boarding the helicopter, they soared over Iceland's breathtaking landscape, the bright sun illuminating the beauty below. Atop the icy mountain, they exchanged vows, their love echoing against the stark backdrop. After the ceremony, they celebrated in a geothermal area, toasting to their future with glasses of champagne.

Returning to Reykjavík, their wedding planner Valdi from Pink Iceland surprised them with a picnic by the ocean, complete with a charming stone-carved bathtub.