On a cold but beautifully crisp November day, the love story of Leanne & Drew unfolded against the stunning backdrop of Hjálparfoss. Their elopement was an intimate celebration of love, nature, and the promise of forever.

Against the breathtaking Icelandic landscape, Leanne and Drew exchanged vows by the mesmerizing Hjálparfoss, where the cascading water mirrored the depth of their commitment. The air was filled with the echoes of their promises, creating a moment frozen in time.

Following the elopement, the adventure continued with a visit to the enchanting Friðheimar tomato farm. Surrounded by the vibrant greenhouses, Leanne and Drew immersed themselves in the warmth of their love, creating memories amidst the unique setting of this Icelandic gem.

The day was a testament to the resilience of love, even in the chill of November. The couple embraced the cold with warmth in their hearts, creating a visual narrative that spoke of love's ability to blossom in any season.

This elopement was planned by the wonderful Heiðrún from Pink Iceland.