In the enchanting embrace of Snæfellsnes, Sarah and Nathan exchanged vows at the iconic black Búðir church, creating a love story that echoed against the mystical landscapes of this magical peninsula. The day began with heartfelt preparations at Búðir Hotel, where the anticipation set the stage for a day filled with warmth and wonder.

A sweet and tender first look added an intimate touch to their pre-ceremony moments, capturing the essence of their love. As they made their way to the black Búðir church, the contrast of the dark exterior against the surrounding natural beauty created a captivating and timeless setting for their vows.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, Sarah and Nathan opened thoughtful gifts from their families, bridging the distance and adding a touch of familial love to their celebration. The day transformed into an exploration of Snæfellsnes' picturesque spots, where each location unveiled a new chapter in their love story.

Against the rugged cliffs and sweeping landscapes, laughter and joy became the soundtrack of their elopement. The black Búðir church, with its centuries-old charm, stood witness to a union that blended tradition with the untamed beauty of Iceland.

This elopement was planned by the wonderful Valdi from Pink Iceland.

Watch the wedding video by Gunnar